Dominos from Andrew Alliance are the ultimate tools in laboratory customization. The working deck of the "Andrew+ liquid handling robot" consists of magnetic labware holders called Domino blocks, that can be organized in a matter of seconds. Dominos are designed to host your labware: different types of consumables like bottles and tubes, but also racks containing multiple tubes, vials, microplates and even microchips. Dominos can also agitate, stir, heat, cool and even host a full ready-to-go kit – it all depends on what you need. Dominos can be custom-made to fit virtually any application or use case.

We offer a large range of different Dominos that permits users and operators of our Andrew+ liquid handling robot to implement the benefits of automation without the need of augmenting the existing workflow or products of choice.

With our flexible and adaptable design, we have enabled you and other scientists around the world to bring automation to the bench and to areas where it was historically challenging (inside of a hood, laminar flow cabinet, a cold room or refrigerator at 4°C fridge) while using the products already found in the lab.

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