You will find four main tabs on each of the main OneLab pages. The Home tab, the Projects tab, Devices tab and the Library tab. The tabs are accessible at the top middle of your screen. The first page you see after logging in is the Home tab:

The Home tab displays different objects, giving you plenty of options and possibilities to access menus, change settings and work on protocols.

1. Lab menu: In this menu you can Edit lab settings and Manage members
2. Tabs: Navigate between the Home tab, Projects tab and Devices tab.
3. Design protocol button: This button opens the Protocol Designer and offers you the possibility to design your protocols.
4. Execute experiment button: This button opens a pop-up window, where you are asked to select a protocol that you would like to execute.
5. Profile menu: In this menu you can edit your profile settings, change your password, delete your account and log out.
6. Quick access menu: In this list, displayed on the Home tab, different projects and protocols are available. When you are a new user, Demo projects of the applications you chose when you created your account are visible. The Quick access menu has dynamic content, the newest protocols you created will be visible here, as well as your favourite projects.
7. Account activity menu: Contains your personal and lab activity.
8. Execution of experiments: Here, recently executed experiments or currently running experiments are highlighted and displayed to you.
9. Terms of use and Privacy policy: Both the “Terms of use” and “Privacy policy” are available by clicking these links.
10. Help Center link: Clicking this link will bring you to the OneLab Help Center, a webpage that contains many articles describing OneLab.

11. Intercom Messenger: The intercom messenger gives you the possibility to contact the Andrew Alliance Service & Support team easily and conveniently in case help is needed. Additionally, a search field gives you access to our “Intercom Help Center”.

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