You will find four main tabs in OneLab. The Home tab, the Projects tab, the Devices tab and the Library tab. The tabs are accessible at the top middle of your screen. The Devices tab discussed here gives you the option to add devices to OneLab, such that your lab equipment will be connected!
If you don’t have an associated device, the Devices tab will direct you to our website with information about our products:

Once one or more devices are connected to OneLab, you will be able to locate them in the Device tab as shown in the example below:

  1. For each associated device, you will be able to see its serial number and status (Ready or Offline).  By clicking on each device, you may access more information such as its licence, the last firmware version installed, IP address etc. 

2. In the contextual menu, two options allow you to rename the device or remove it from your lab.
3. The “Activate a new license” button, allows you to register your device by entering your license number and activation code.
4. You can contact the Andrew Alliance Service and Support team using one of our communication tools listed in this menu.
5. By clicking the “Refresh tools” button, you will update the list of all the tools connected with the device. Status, serial number and battery level information are  present.
6. In the case our support team asks you to collect the log files, you can press the “Get log file”  button to generate and download them. See the article “How to generate log files from your Device+”.
7. The “Locate device” button will help you to localize your device by activating a sound and changing the LED sign of the device to a blinking purple pattern.

8. The “Usage log” section offers you the possibility to see the activity related to your device. 

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