To save your protocols online, you do not have to undertake any action, this is done automatically. As soon as you leave the Protocol designer to access another menu, log off or close your browser and you go back to the protocol you were working on, everything will be like when you left in the Protocol designer.

You also have the option to save your protocol as a local file on your own computer. Like this, you can easily share it via filesharing or email with people who do not have access to your OneLab lab. Users who are invited to your Lab, will have access to the protocols, with the rights you gave them during the invitation. See the article “OneLab invitations” for more details.

To save your protocols locally as a .onp file, you have two possibilities. You can either do it from the protocol designer in the main menu bar contextual menu ( ):

Or export the protocol as a .onp file from the list of protocols in one of your projects.

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