Creating a new account is fast, free and simple. Click on the “Create a free account” link present in the OneLab login page to be automatically redirected to the account creation page.

You are asked for your Full name, Work email, and  Password. The field “Work email” can only contain a professional email account. Extensions such as,, etc. are not allowed.

Don’t forget to read and agree with our Terms of use and Privacy policy.

The green button at the bottom, labelled “Continue” will be enabled now.

Click on it and select a set of photos as instructed by the reCAPTCHA safety protocol to be sure that you are a person.

Now a confirmation email with the subject “Activate your OneLab account!” is sent to the email address you defined. In case you do not receive an email after few minutes, please check your Spam folder.

In the received email, click on the green button labelled “Activate account” to activate your OneLab account.

You are all set.

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