For labware that has multiple locations, like microplates, (matrix) racks etc. an additional menu automatically pops up when you need to select the sources and/or destination locations. As an example, a 96-well microplate is used here. When this labware is chosen as the Source and/or Destination, automatically the following menu pops up (displayed here: destinations):

You can choose which wells you want to use effectively by selecting wells individually, or you can use the arrows in order to select a column, a row or the entire labware (all the wells/locations at once). This is shown in the following overview:

Note that at the top , clicking the green button labelled “Save selection” lets you return to the previous menu. On the right hand side, you can see which (range of) wells/locations are presently selected. Information from an external source can also be copied. You might have a list of the required cells in a textfile, Excel file, or in another type of file related to your LIMS. See also the articles “Selection of labware locations by importing information from an external source”, “Define volumes by importing information from an external source” and “Importing reagents at start (stock solutions) from an external source” for more information.

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