As described in the “Fill a labware with a reagent” article, except of using the predefined reagents, you can also add your own reagent with its specific properties.

You will need to add the following information:

  1. The name of the reagent you would like to create.

  2. The concentration, which can be in arbitrary units (a.u.), in molar units (M), dissolved mass per volume(kg/L), as a percentage weight per volume (%w/v), percentage of weight per weight (%w/w) or percentage of volume per volume(%v/v) etc. (see the article "Concentration unit list for your solutions")
    By setting the concentration you can make use the dilution wizards for quicker and easier dilution programming.

  3. Additional information related to the reagent (optional).

  4. An url to a specific page that lists the product properties (optional).

Once you fill out all the obligatory fields, the green button at the top right corner, labelled “Create reagent & Add” will be active. Clicking on it, will add the reagent in the list of reagents, as well as in your selected labware.

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