In the “Pipetting” menu, you can set several options according to the needs of your application. These pipetting parameters are organized in four sections: Configuration, Advanced, Automation and Guidelines.

Under the “Advanced/Tip choice” section in the “Pipetting” menu, you can choose how to handle the pipette tip for optimization of your protocol. You can choose whether or not to change the tip, both at the beginning of this specific pipetting action and in between the pipetting steps of the overall action. Here, you can also indicate whether or not you use filter tips.

  • "Change tip at the beginning" means that the pipetting action will start by inserting a new tip to the pipette. If this option is unchecked, the tip that is already inserted on the pipette currently used, is kept.

  • "Change tip between pipetting steps" means that for every reagent transfer from the source to the destination, a new tip should be used. 

  • Use tips with filter” means that OneLab will give warnings to be sure to use the proper tips during the preparation phase of the experiment.

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