This option is applicable only in case of automated liquid handling with Andrew+.

In the “Pipetting” menu, you can set several options according to the needs of your application. These pipetting parameters are organized in four sections: Configuration, Advanced, Automation and Guidelines.

Under the “Automation/Custom tip position” section in the “Pipetting” menu, you can manually add an offset to the tip position in either or both source and destination labware. This will be taken into consideration by Andrew+ while executing the experiment.

In case of automated liquid handling, Andrew+ calculates the liquid levels of all labware and positions the end of the tip according to the option “With respect to liquid” or “With respect to bottom” (see article  “Advanced: Tip position”). If required, you have the option to add a positive or negative offset to adjust this vertical positioning and to adjust the speed of the arm (normal or fast).

In more detail, when the customized height option is enabled , the specified offset will be added (or removed depending on the sign) to the precalculated best practice position. For example, if the customized height is -2 then the tip will go 2mm lower than the position it would have gone to without the customization. If the value is +2mm then the tip will be moving up by 2mm.

Important note: This option should be used with caution and only when necessary, otherwise you might experience inaccurate aspirations.

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