In OneLab you can be a member of multiple labs and you may have varying roles in either of them (Lab admin, Expert user or Operator), see the article “Permission management system” for more information.

You can actually invite other users to become a member of the Lab you created yourself and for which you have the Admin rights. You may do this by going to the “Members” menu.

When you click on the green “+ Invite new member” button, you will see the following “Invite member” menu:

You may indicate what status/role the new member should have, this can be changed afterwards as well, so the default “Expert user” setting is a safe choice (see the article “Permission management system”. The way you invite another user is by clicking on the green button labelled “Send invitation”. The invited user automatically receives a notification in the “Quick access” menu on the Home tab of his/her own account/Lab when (s)he already has a OneLab account, as well as an email notification. If (s)he does not have a OneLab account yet, obviously only an email notification is sent and an account needs to be made (see the article "Get started with a free account"). It is therefore important that you know which work email the other user (typically your colleagues) has used for his/her account.

In the list of “Invites” you may find all pending invitations:

The invitee will receive a notification which will be present in the “Quick access” menu on the Home tab:

By clicking on the green text “Accept invitation”, the Lab becomes available in the list “Switch to lab…” in the Lab menu pop-up on the top left of your screen.
The email notification is as follows and also includes a confirmation link:

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