While you are on one of the main pages, i.e. the Home tab, Project tab, Devices tab or Library tab, the “Lab settings” menu is available via the “Lab menu” pop-up on the top left of your screen, where you need to click on “Edit lab settings”.

The “Lab settings” menu gives you the possibility to change the name of your OneLab Lab and to change the name of the company you are working for.

In addition, multiple lab creation is possible. Every OneLab user can create multiple labs to organize work and collaborate with colleagues in different contexts.

To create a new lab:

  • Click on your current lab name (on the top left of your screen) and then hit the "Create a new lab..." button.

  • Fill the new lab name and select from 1 to 3 application fields.

  • You can now invite fellow users in this new lab, design protocols and execute experiments.

To switch between labs, click again on the current lab name button and then select the lab of your choice.

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