OneLab is a software environment that allows you to design protocols and it provides guidance for manual and automated operations for liquid handling with pipettes. It is a connected platform for full process tracking and device control. It improves the reproducibility and traceability of your liquid handling protocols.

Being a unique browser-based software environment, OneLab enables you to design and share your own protocols using labware and reagents through a highly intuitive graphical user interface that can be run on any PC/tablet. Onelab addresses the lack of repeatability of experiments, by ensuring step-by-step execution of a protocol with images and simple descriptions of protocol steps, reducing and documenting errors, while reducing waste of consumables and operator time. 

OneLab can be freely accessed through the cloud, and also deployed locally according to user requirements:

  • The OneLab CLOUD release is a global service and is considered the ‘entry level solution’. It is freely available and runs on Andrew Alliance servers. New users subscribe and make an account, which can be used to manage a OneLab Lab. Customization is not possible in this release. You and all other users have the same version and options available. Upgrades are instantly and globally applied.

  • The OneLab STANDALONE release is a local service, limited to the customer who purchased it. The software runs on the customer’s own computer/server, the hardware can be supplied by Andrew Alliance or can already be the customer’s property. No internet connection is required once the software is installed. No upgrades will be applied automatically and only one user can access the software at a time. New releases can be installed with the help of Andrew Alliance Service & Support.

  • The OneLab ENTERPRISE release is a dedicated server, installed on-site at the customer. It allows for multiple users and includes customization services and server management (backups), New releases and updates are installed according to the wishes of the customer, who manages the installation on his own with service provided where and when necessary. The customer is informed about new releases and is provided with release notes.

The full administrator rights of the OneLab platform depend on the release type. In case of the CLOUD release, Andrew Alliance is the administrator. If specific management options of OneLab Labs or accounts are required, the user needs to contact Andrew Alliance for service and support purposes. In case of the STANDALONE or ENTERPRISE releases, the customer has the full administrator rights of the platform.

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