You might have implemented a pipetting action from a source labware that does not contain a reagent. OneLab will give you an error that during this protocol step an inconsistency has occurred.

As shown in the image above, the software will warn you that there is no reagent present in the source labware. You can either cancel this protocol step by clicking on the “X” icon at the top left corner or confirm this protocol step by clicking the green button at the top right, labelled “Save step”. The inconsistency will be indicated in the list of protocol steps next to the main virtual bench, as long as it is still present.

To solve the error, just add a reagent in your source labware as described in the article “Fill a labware with a reagent”.

Note: If you define a fixed volume in a labware, instead of using the default “AUTO calculation”, it might happen that you implemented a pipetting step where you want to transfer more reagent than is actually present in the source. In such case, OneLab will also give a similar error.

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