Bench preparation for a new device: Andrew+

Based on your protocol design, OneLab will tell you how to prepare reagents, labware and labware holders (Dominos).

Click on the deck view and find all the information you need to set up your experiment.

Standalone configuration now fully available

OneLab is now available in standalone deployment for a restricted environment.

In this setting, you will get a dedicated private server that will placed locally in your lab.

Note: In this configuration, email communications from OneLab are no longer in use and support will be only by email or phone.

More information about OneLab configurations

Easy installation for Andrew+ and Pipette+ devices

Accessible to everyone, these devices now integrate a step-by-step installation interface that allows you to set up and connect them to OneLab.

This interface is available for PC, tablet and smartphone.

Please see the quick start guide for Andrew+ and Pipette+


Protocol designer

  • Hide the designer navbar when zooming in on a multi-well labware

  • When a start/end action like magnetic separation is created, select the end step after step validation

Setup/Bench preparation

Labware are now sorted by name on a material list and in the Dominos detail screen

Bug fixes

Experiment monitor for Andrew+

  • Progress display is re-synchronised with the state of experiment steps

  • When pausing the experiment, the progression display is now paused too



  • Added: 2 mL clear crimp-top vial, Agilent 5181-3375 in Waters holder 700011047 

  • Added: 2mL round bottom 96-deepwell Thermo Scientific™ 60180-P104 

Domino (labware holder for Andrew+)

  • Added: Deep well Plate Domino (218.2301) for different types of deep well plates: 

  • Added: 2mL HPLC Vial Domino (218.3001) for HPLC glass vial that come in a rack

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