Device logs can be downloaded via OneLab

For support purposes, all the system information related to your device in the last seven rolling days is now logged and available to download.

Note: The download link will continue to be available for 24h in the device usage log.

Device firmware updates available through OneLab

If for any reason, your device firmware needs to be updated, it is now possible directly via OneLab without any assistance from support.
Go to the device details page, you will find all the required information.

Note: Some updates are required for the correct operation of your device.

New negative/positive pressure action in the designer

In order to provide the most powerful protocol designer, we are expanding the range of actions, and implemented a negative (vacuum)/positive pressure action that will allow users to describe any type of extraction using this method.

Labware visual updates

In the protocol designer, the schematic rendering of labware has been implemented in order to be more consistent with reality.

Labware - device compatibility filter in the catalog

You will find a new filter in the catalog that allows you to filter labware that can be used with one or more specific devices.
This list will be continuously updated, following entry of new devices entries into the OneLab ecosystem.

Normalization action can use partially filled microplates

This improvement will allow greater flexibility and will no longer block users that want to put a partially filled microplate in destinations or sources, for example.
In order to achieve this, errors are flagged when the wells are selected.

Multiple labs creation is now possible

Every user of OneLab can now create multiple labs to organize work and collaborate with colleagues in different contexts.

  • To create a new lab, click on your current lab name (on the top left of your screen) and then hit the "Create a new lab..." button.

  • Fill the new lab name and select from 1 to 3 application fields and it's done.

  • You can now invite fellow scientists in this new lab then design protocols and execute experiments.

To switch between lab, click again on the current lab name button, and then select the lab of your choice.


Protocol designer

  • Pipetting options are smarter and can be disabled under certain circumstances. We also provide users with live feedback as to why they have been disabled.

Experiment setup

  • Errors will be flagged if an incompatibility between a labware and a tool exists.

Bug fixes

Experiment monitor for Andrew+

  • Progress bar is now correctly updated every second.



  • Added: 6-well Cell Culture Plate, Greiner Bio-One 657160

  • Added: 24-well Cell Culture Multiwell Plate, CELLSTAR® 662160

  • Added: 96-well Valitaâ„¢ MAb Plate, Valitacell 500088

  • Added: 96 well-plate V-shaped Thermo Scientific 60180-P100

  • Added: 96-well Sarstedt 96 PCR plate 72.1978.202

  • Added: Corning 500mL bottle 430282

Domino (labware holder for Andrew+)

  • Added: 500 mL storage round bottle (218.2751) for the Corning 500mL bottle

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