Introducing the OneLab open source protocol library

Andrew Alliance continues to provide the most complete platform for scientists.
Meet our new library of open source methods.

You will be able to browse through a rapidly expanding list of rigorously-designed protocols.

How does it work?

1. Browse OneLab library at (or directly in the app by clicking on the “Library” tab)

2. Select the protocol you want to use

3. Login to your OneLab account or create one
A copy of this protocol will be created as a project in your lab.

4. If necessary, modify it as you see fit

5. Execute an experiment straight away in your available setup!

Visit OneLab library 

đź“Ł Please note that we will soon allow any OneLab user to publish a protocol into the library.

Pipetting choice algorithm vastly improved

OneLab allows you to describe a protocol without requiring any knowledge of your experiment setup.

In order to make this happen, our algorithm takes all the action settings that are described in the protocol and calculates each step for your entire setup (Manual, semi-automatic, full automatic, …).

In order to provide you the best behaviour and flexibility for pipetting actions, we reviewed the way that OneLab translates protocol actions into experiment step.

What we have changed:

  • For forward and reverse pipetting, OneLab will select pipettes that provide the best accuracy

  • For repetitive dispensing, OneLab will select pipettes that provide the most rapid execution

  • Andrew+ now can dispense in a 384-well microplate using a 8-channel pipette

  • Mixing a higher volume than the dispensing is now possible and if necessary, OneLab will select a different pipette according the mixing volume

Better experiment setup selection interface

Biologist can now have a better understanding of any potential incompatibility issues between protocol and experiment setup.

OneLab will also explain why a certain tool or device will not be selected for an experiment.

Device selection gives you the precise status of each connected device.

Experiment setup can now be refreshed. This allows users to make changes (e.g.: put a new pipette) and ask OneLab to validate the new context.


Protocol designer

  • When a user adds or replicates multiple labware,OneLab will rename each labware with an appropriate numbering sequence (#1, #2, #3, …).

Bug fixes

Experiment runner

  • In certain experiment set-ups, aborting an experiment has been problematic (infinite loading). This has now been rectified.


Connected devices

Added: 96-PCR Peltier+ (518.4600) by Andrew Alliance

  • Rapid cooling of consumables down to 0°C, as well as heating them up to 90°C

  • Compatible with unskirted, semi-skirted and skirted 96-PCR plates

  • Can be used: manually, in combination with Pipette+ or directly with Andrew+ (like a Domino)

Contact Andrew Alliance for more information

Added: Microplate Shaker+ (518.4000) by Andrew Alliance

  • Vibration-free motion ensures the highest mixing speeds on the market, ranging from 200 to 3000 RPM

  • Microplate compatible

  • Gentle mixing of samples by planar orbital motion

  • Designed for use with robots. Automatic microplate positioning system which enables precise manipulation of consumables by Andrew+, ensuring accurate and repeatable pipetting

Contact Andrew Alliance for more information

đź“— OneLab library protocols

New ready to execute open-source protocols will be added each version in the OneLab library.
You will find the full list below:

  • Added: Intracellular Flow Cytometry

  • Added: Qubit™ Fluorometric Quantitation

  • Added: CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Gene Knockout

  • Added: Single-Step SYBR® Green RT-qPCR

  • Added: Phenol-Chloroform gDNA Extraction

  • Added: DNA Sequencing Library Preparation

  • Added: BCA Colorimetric Protein Assay


  • Added: 12-channel reservoir high profile, Axygen RES-MW12-HP

  • Added: 8-channel reservoir high profile,Axygen RES-MW8-HP

  • Added: Eppendorf™ Twin.tec™ PCR plate 96LoBind 0030129555

  • Added: NucleoBond Xtra Midi column, Macherey Nagel 740410.10S

  • Added: 16Ă—90 mm screw-cap borosilicate glass tubes, boxed, CharlesRiver TL700

  • Added: 2mL screw cap tube, Sarstedt 72.664

  • Added: Falcon® 15 mL Centrifuge Tube352096 in 60 position rack Sapidyne 414045

  • Added: Transfer tube 1.2 mL individual Hitplate in 96-well rack

  • Added: 1.2mL Microtube in 96-well rack, Starlab I1412-0400

  • Added: LightCycler® 480 Multiwell Plate 96, Roche 04729692001

  • Added: 0.1mL MicroAmp® Fast Optical 96-Well ReactionPlate, Applied Biosystems 4346907

  • Added: GlycoWorks™ HILIC µElution plate,Waters 186002780

  • Added: GlycoWorks® 600µL tube, Waters 186007988-3 in 1mL RoundCollection Plate, Waters 186002481

  • Added: 100mL bottle, Schott Duran® CLS-1172-100 

Domino (labware holder for Andrew+) 

  • Added: 16Ă—90mm Glass Tubes Domino (218.2781)

  • Added: NucleoBond Xtra Midi Domino (218.2122)

  • Added: Storage plateDomino (218.2901)

  • Added: 1.2mL Microtube Rack Domino (218.2841)

  • Added: 60 Pos 15mL Tube Rack Domino (218.2811)

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