Laying the cornerstone for the advent of our new connected devices!

Intending to streamline day-to-day lab operations, we are implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) through our expanding range of connected devices such as Shaker+, which is an orbital shaker, and Peltier+, which allows heating and cooling samples.

Leveraging the capabilities of lab devices in our connected ecosystem requires not only an accurate control during a manual run or in synchronization with a robotic system but also strict management of moving labware to/from a device during the experiment. Whereas this dual control is often challenging to achieve, we are presently at the stage of improving OneLab to ensure seamless operating performance of connected devices.

Looking ahead to the next versions, we will focus on fully integrating the additional connected devices into OneLab.

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Protocol list

  • Protocol description is now displayed directly in the protocol list.

Experiment setup

  • Wording of warnings and instructions have been thoroughly reviewed and improved for a better description of compatibility issues between the protocol and the experiment setup.

  • Labware compatibility can presently consider the liquid volume to determine whether the pipette/tip can optimally access the labware or not.

Bug fixes

Protocol designer

  • Negative values are allowed for custom tip position.

  • Alternating interlaced dispensing is introduced for replication/reformatting of sample libraries in 96-well plate to 384-well plate in order to optimize the use of multi-channel pipettes.

Experiment monitor for Andrew+

  • Step execution time is more precisely calculated and displayed in the progress bar.

Experiment runner

  • In the "serial dilution" action settings, buffer dispensing in "repetitive mode" is working properly and no longer erroneously taken as "forward mode".


📗 OneLab library protocols

New quick start open-source protocols are added to OneLab library:

  • Added: Indirect Sandwich ELISA

  • Added: EpiQuikâ„¢ Circulating DNA Isolation

  • Added: ProNex® Dual DNA Size Selection

  • Added: Magnetic His-Protein Purification

  • Added: QSC Fluorescent Antibody Titration

  • Added: ACE Inhibition Assay


  • Added: FluidX 1.5 mL screw-cap cryo-tube in 48-format rack, Brooks Life Sciences 657667

  • Added: FluidX 1.9 mL screw-cap cryo-tube in 48-format rack, Brooks Life Sciences 657647

  • Added: Cryogenic 2 mL screw cap Vial, Fisher Scientific 1050026

  • Added: 8 mL sample vial, Wheaton, DWK Life Sciences 224804 

  • Added: 1 mL HPLC vial, Waters 186000385c

  • Added: High Lunatic plate, Unchained Labs

  • Added: 22 mL sample storage glass vial, open-top screw cap with septum, Thermo Scientific B7990-5

  • Added: 4 mL Fisherbrandâ„¢ screw thread autosampler vial, Fisher Scientific 03-391-19

  • Added: UV-Star® μClear® 96-well flat bottom half-area microplate, Greiner Bio-One 675801

  • Added: Matrixâ„¢ 0.5 mL barcoded screw top tubes in 96-format rack, Thermo Scientific

Domino (labware holder for Andrew+) 

  • Added: 0.5 mL Microtube Domino (218.2331)

  • Added: 2 mL Cryogenic Storage Vial Domino (218.2931)

  • Added: 8 mL Sample Vial Domino (218.2961)

  • Added: 14 mL Round Bottom Test Tube Domino (218.3031)

  • Added: 22 mL Glass Vial Domino (218.3061)

  • Added: 4 mL Autosampler Vial Domino (218.3091)

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