Importing multiple reagents in multiple tubes is finally possible

The new function enables you to import a list of reagents into several tubes (or wells in a multi-well plate) directly onto the bench from any tabular data source (e.g. Excel, Word, Notepad, etc) with a simple copy/paste operation. 

No need any more to go through the hassle of importing your reagents one-by-one into your tubes – We have done the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to!


How does it work?

  1. Click on the new dedicated icon

2. Copy/Paste your reagent data following the guidelines 

Note: The import can be done for multiple tubes/microtubes or multiple wells in a single microplate, each following a defined structure

3. Select the labware that will contain the reagents

Note: This labware will be used for all reagents.

        ✅ Your reagents are now imported onto the bench, each in a separate labware


Connected devices

Added: Tube Shaker+ (518.4100) by Andrew Alliance

  • The vibration-free motion ensures the highest mixing speed on the market, ranging from 200 to 2000 RPM

  • It currently supports only 16×90 mm screw-cap borosilicate glass tubes (Charles River, No. TL700), referred as Pyrogen tubes and loaded in a compatible adaptor

  • It allows for a gentle mixing of samples by planar orbital motion

  • Designed for use with robots, the automatic positioning system enables precise manipulation of consumables by Andrew+, ensuring accurate and repeatable pipetting

Contact Andrew Alliance for more information


  • Added: UNIPLATE™ 24-well U-shaped microplate

  • Added: SCIEX universal vial

  • Added: 20 mL reaction vial with pressure relief cap

  • Added: 2 mL Agilent 5181-3375 vial in Genevac 10-5024 rack

  • Added: Agilent reservoir, 6 column, SHM 201284-100

Domino (labware holder for Andrew+) 

  • Added: 20mL Reaction Vial (218.2361)

  • Added: SCIEX Universal Vial (218.3161)

  • Added: 24-Well Photoredox Block (218.3331)

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