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1 - Plug your connected Andrew+ to a power source

The LED sign will turn white and blink, which means that Andrew+ is booting.

⚠️ Only use the provided AC/DC power supply unit and cords.

2 - Wait the LED sign to turn blue and blink

In about a minute, Andrew+ will inform you when it's in installation mode.

If Andrew+ doesn’t enter automatically in installation mode, press 5 times the push button located next to the LED sign.

3 - Connect your computer, tablet or smartphone to Andrew+

A. Go to your Wi-Fi settings and select the network named Andrew-718.xxxx.xxxxx
718.xxxx.xxxxx is the Andrew+ serial number (you can find it on the door of the Optical Location Module which is the black door located on the base of the robot)

B. The LED sign will stop blinking when it’s successfully connected.

4 - Launch a web browser, type and follow the on-screen steps to continue installation

Please note that the installation page might open automatically.

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