Andrew+ robot executes experiments described in protocols designed with OneLab software. The same software is required to monitor the execution of such experiments. The communication between OneLab and embedded intelligence present in Andrew+ is achieved via ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

It is also possible to partially control Andrew+ using the push button present on the forehead of the robot. In particular, according to the duration of pressure applied to the button, the status of Andrew+ can be changed. The table below summarizes the various possibilities:

From Andrew+ status...

Action on the push button

Action triggered by the push button

An experiment is Running

The device is put in Pause

An experiment is Paused

The device is put in Resume

The installation mode (hotspot) is OFF

5 times

The installation mode is turned ON

  1. The installation mode (hotspot) is ON

  2. The device status is not In error / Standby / Booting

5 times

The installation mode is turned OFF

Any experiment status

press for 20s

  1. The PC is shut down softly; The "+" LED indicator can be blinking.

  2. The device is put in Standby status after 15 seconds

Any experiment status

press for 30s
(Emergency exit)

The device is put in Standby status

The device is in Idle state

press for 5s

The device is put in Standby status. The embedded PC is turned OFF, so the unit is no longer accessible via OneLab.

The device is in Standby status

The device is turned ON and it is put in Booting status.

The “+” LED indicator present on the body on Andrew+ indicates the different status of the experiment and of the instrument. The table below summarizes the different status and the visual and sound notifications associated

LED indicator

Status of the instrument




Andrew+ is booting (after turning it ON)

Green heartbeat


  1. Andrew+ has booted and is waiting for any operation to be made.
    (device plays a sound)

  2. An experiment has ended, and is waiting for any operation to be made.
    (device plays a different sound)

Green fast heartbeat

Workbench validation

Andrew+ is checking the DOMINOs in its workbench. It is composed of different steps.

Green fast heartbeat


An experiment is starting (device plays a sound)

Green fast heartbeat


An experiment is running

Orange blinking


An experiment is paused



An experiment is resumed


Waiting for user action

Andrew+ is waiting for an action from the user (device plays a sound)



An experiment is aborted

Orange blinking

Communication lost

Andrew+ cannot communicate with OneLab because of network issues or loss of Internet connection



An error is triggered by any of the below cases (device plays a sound):

  • Validation of the workbench failed

  • An error during the experiment

  • A collision happened during a movement

  • Any operation in the experiment, preparation, start could not be run

Red horizontal line


Dead PC. Communication with the PC is not possible
(device plays a sound)



PC, Waste Domino and Arm are powered down.

Tool stand stand is powered.

Blinking orange line

Firmware update

Andrew+ firmware is being updated via OneLab

Violet blinking

Locate me

Andrew+ is indicating its position via sound and visual notification

This action is triggered through the device page in OneLab, action “Locate me”.
(device plays a sound)

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