1. Gently open your robot’s box

2. Remove the top foam-based protection piece

3. Take off the foam wrapping

4. Hold the robot by the back of it’s head with one hand, and with the other hand use the handle built in to the bottom of the robot’s metal base.

*** CAUTION: the robot weighs 16kg (35.3lbs) and you MUST NOT remove it by pulling on the arms, it will cause irreversible damage to the robot

5. Keep your back straight, and lift with your legs

6. Place your robot on a sturdy, solid surface that will not flex, bend, shake, or vibrate with enough room for the dominos you plan to use 

7. To move the robot on the table, gently push back the nose of the robot, and use the handle on the metal base to lift and move it to the desired location.

8. Deploy the robot arm

9. Remove the intermediate foam block from under the arms

10. Deploy the tool stand

11. Slide the arm out until you hear a clicking noise for the first arm segment, then another for the second arm segment.

12. Remove the plastic sheet from around the hand

13. Connect the Waste domino by sliding it into the connector area on the bottom of the baseplate. Open and expand the silicone waste bin and place it in the Waste domino

14. Equip each Andrew Alliance pipette with a pipette adaptor

15. Place them in any slot on the tool stand

16. Plug the provided power supply into a power outlet, then plug it into the connector located on the back of the robot on the tool stand side

17. Now your Andrew+ is set up, and the LED lights will display the status of the robot, see the full explanation here: "How to use A+ "

18. Once the robot has had time to power on and start its systems, you can connect it to Onleab, more information on that here: "Install your Andrew+ "

19. Put the foam wrapping and intermediate foam inside the robot’s box, then place the top foam piece back inside, close it, and store it in case future maintenance is needed

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