This logo indicates a connected device that is compatible with OneLab and that the manufacturer has rigorously tested the integration with the OneLab platform.

🥼 Before you begin

If you do not have a OneLab account, please create one by going to:

1 - Plug your connected device (or the connected device bridge) to a power source

The LED sign will turn white and blink, which means the device is booting.

⚠️ Only use the provided AC/DC power supply unit and cords.

In about a minute, the connected device will inform you when it's in installation mode.

If the connected device doesn’t enter automatically in installation mode, press 5 times the push button located next to the LED sign.

3 - Connect your computer, tablet or smartphone to the connected device

A. Go to your Wi-Fi settings and select the network named DeviceName-xxx.xxxx.xxxxx
xxx.xxxx.xxxxx is the connected device serial number (you can find it on top of your Domino-shape device or in the back of your device bridge).

B. The LED sign will stop blinking when it’s successfully connected.

4 - Launch a web browser, type and follow the on-screen steps to continue installation

Please note that the installation page might open automatically.

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