Connected device exact selection for an experiment

With a growing ecosystem of connected devices, it's crucial to be able to easily manage your devices for an experiment.

OneLab will continue to provide you with the most optimal setup depending on your connected devices and tools (by taking into account device availability and compatibility) but now you will be able to choose the specific connected devices you want to use for your experiment.

Additionally, OneLab will keep in memory the connected devices used during the last experiment to provide you with the smoothest better experience when running multiple experiments in a row with the same setup.

How does it work?

1. In the setup selection screen, click on Edit device selection


2. Choose the devices you want to use for the experiment and click on Save selection

Connected device selection

Note: Selecting zero connected device for a type of action will force OneLab to switch to a non-connected device.

3. OneLab will provide a new setup with the selected devices and you are good to run!

📃 Experiment traceability refined

The experiment report is an essential requirement for traceability so we refine it to provide you with the best accuracy and completeness.

Experiment log timestamps

OneLab now displays both by who and when the report has been validated.

The 'experiment report' now shows when the experiment was paused and resumed.

In addition to the protocol steps timeline, users will access a detailed experiment log that provides precise information about what exactly happened during the experiment using accurate timestamps and durations.

Experiment timeline


Increased speed of automated experiment executions

Execution speed is a key factor in the automation of biological and chemical methods ; From now on, the user can increase the speed of movement of the mechanical arm, assuming this is applicable to the experimental context (for example with Andrew Alliance’s pipetting robot Andrew+).

So, in any action involving a pipetting action, the protocol designer will find this option in the Automation area:

Increase automation speed

Important: Setting the mechanical arm movement to ‘fast’ may result in reduced accuracy and precision of the entire pipetting action.

Experiment setup

  • 100-5000 µL Optifit tips with filter are now usable with 1ch-5000 µL Andrew Alliance pipettes.

Devices management

  • In the device detail page, the user can now filter between currently and previously connected tools.

  • The device management page displays larger images of each device.

OneLab connected devices fleet management

Bug fixes


  • We optimized OneLab for Microsoft Edge browser users.

Experiment runner

  • Action timers displays and animations have been improved.



  • Added: Wes/Jess plate, ProteinSimple PS-PP03

  • Added: Falcon® 6-well cell culture plate 353224

  • Added: NucleoSpin® 96 virus binding plate, Macherey-Nagel 740691.4S

Domino (labware holder for Andrew+)

  • Added: Wes and Jess Plate Domino (218.3361)

  • Added: Microplate Tilted Domino (218.3571)

Note: this Domino can host a microplate (6-well) with a tilt angle equal to 14°

  • Updated: Eppendorf twin.tec® 96-well skirted LoBind PCR plate is now compatible with 96-PCR plate Magnet+

  • Updated: NucleoSpin® 96 virus binding plate, Macherey-Nagel is now compatible with Vacuum+

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