🔔 Email alerts during your experiment

Time management in the modern laboratory is crucial for operators to organize their daily tasks so we added the possibility of receiving email alerts at the most critical points in a experiment:

  • Before an upcoming user action

  • When the execution is completed

  • When an error occurred during the execution

Note: These email alerts are only available for experiments executed with a fully automated solution (e.g. Andrew+).

How does it work?

1. Using the Andrew+ automated solution, select email alerts you want to receive during the execution of your experiment.

2. Depending on your pre-selected choices, you will receive an email accordingly. As described below, click on the link in the email to access the experiment that requires an action from you.

📗 New application from Waters: AccQ•Tag™ Amino Acid Sample Prep

An exciting new entry in the OneLab protocol library! With our colleagues from Waters, we are glad to release the AccQ•TagTM Amino Acid Sample Prep application for our users.

Careful attention has been paid to the design and validation of these protocols especially with the Andrew+ pipetting robot and Pipette+ smart pipetting system, in order to ensure an excellent user experience and, of course, even higher reliability of sample prep before analysis of released amino acids by HPLC or UPLC.

Learn more about the AccQ•TagTM Amino Acid Sample Prep and start to use it right away!


📗 OneLab library protocols

New quick start open-source protocols are now available in the OneLab library:

  • Added: AccQ•TagTM Amino Acid Sample Prep

  • Updated: GlycoWorks® N-Glycan Sample Prep with more videos to have a better guidance throughout the execution.


  • Added: MACHEREY-NAGEL, 2mL collection tube (740600)

  • Added: MACHEREY-NAGEL, NucleoSpin column

  • Added: MACHEREY-NAGEL, MN Bead Tube A (740786.50)

  • Added: Nalgene™ 125 mL wide-mouth HDPE bottle (2104-0004)

  • Added: 4titude, 350 µL 96 round well U-bottom microplate (4ti-0116)

  • Added: 4titude, 330 µL 96 round well V-bottom microplate (4ti-0117)

  • Added: 4titude, 1.2 mL 96 round deep well U-bottom plate (4ti-0120)

  • Added: 4titude, 1.2 mL 96 square deep well U-bottom plate (4ti-0126)

  • Added: 4titude, 2 mL 96 round deep well U-bottom Plate (4ti-0130)

  • Added: 4titude, 190 µL 384 square deep well V-bottom plate (4ti-0147)

  • Added: ILS, 12-channel reagent reservoir (Res12-351)

Domino (labware holder for Andrew+)

  • Added: 250 mL DURAN bottle Domino (218.3701)

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