Providing multimedia guidelines for a protocol step requires hosting the images or videos on an external hosting sites and then embed the URL in OneLab.

Note: You will have a similar dialog box for the video.

🎥 Hosting a video

OneLab supports Microsoft 365 Stream, YouTube, Vimeo, Loom, Vidyard, Streamio, Wistia, Google Drive and direct web hosting.

📍Note: For Microsoft 365 Stream and Google Drive, follow specific instructions after this section.

For video hosting service like YouTube, please use the URL of the video like the one below:

For direct web hosting, we recommend you use the URL that points directly to the video asset in MP4 for example:

Then go to OneLab, and to the specific protocol step that you want to document:

  • Click on the video button

  • Enter the video URL, then click OK.

  • You will immediately see if your link is working.
    If it is not working, you will have a visual feedback like below:

ℹ️ Hosting video 🎥 on Microsoft 365 Stream

If you have access to Microsoft Office 365 within your organisation, you certainly have access to Microsoft Stream. The Office app is dedicated to video hosting and streaming.

Since it is a business solution with a solid permission system, it can be a great solution for documenting your method in OneLab with useful videos.

How to do it?

1. Upload your video clip

2. When the upload is completed, click on Permissions and select "Allow everyone in your company to view this video"

3. Then click on Options, then Share

4. Click on Embed tab, highlight the URL in the "Copy embed code" field and copy it to your clipboard.

Example of URL that you have to get:

5. Then paste this URL in the guidelines editor in OneLab

ℹ️ Hosting video 🎥 or image 📷 in Google Drive

If you use Google Drive in your organisation, you can host your multimedia resources in the cloud solution.

How to do it?

1. Upload your image or video clip on Google Drive

2. Once it is uploaded, right click on the resource and click on "Get shareable link"

3. Then select the level of restrictions, here "Anyone with the link" for public diffusion.

4. Click on Copy link and paste it in a file

You will get this type of link:

5. Now you need to create an other URL in order to make it work:

  • Copy paste the text below in your file:
  • After it, paste the ID of your Google drive shareable link that you will find between ".../d/" and "/view..."
    In the above example it is: "18pyLWnqOPFpfePQHMSB3SeIEe2VqBFtr"

  • You will get this OneLab ready URL:

6. Then add this URL in the guidelines editor in OneLab

📷 Hosting an image

Many images hosting options are available. Using an existing website of your company, web hosting service (e.g. Imgur) or internal platform (e.g. Google Drive please check tutorial above).

❗ Important: In any case, please use the embed URL (and not just the shareable link) that point directly to the picture.

Here are some examples:


Then go to the guidelines editor in OneLab:

  • Click on the image button

  • Enter the image URL, then click OK.

You will immediately see if your link is working.
If it is not, you will have this icon:

Need additional assistance?

If you have any more questions about hosting solution within your organisation environment, just chat with us in the Messenger and we’ll help you out.

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