đź“— New application from MACHEREY-NAGEL: NucleoSpin RNA Virus Protocol

An exciting new entry in the OneLab protocol library. Together with our long-standing partners from MACHEREY-NAGEL, we are pleased to release the NucleoSpin® RNA Virus Protocol application, now available for our ever growing OneLab user community.

Careful attention has been paid to the design and validation of these protocols especially designed for users of our Pipette+ smart pipetting system, in order to ensure an excellent user experience and, of course reliable, reproducible isolation and purification of viral RNA and DNA.

Learn more about the NucleoSpin RNA Virus Protocol and start to use it right away!

Performance Improvements

Protocol designer

  • We have added a new capability to the designer, enabling automation protocols to 'avoid overfly of clean tips'.
    This option is accessible in the protocol designer, by clicking the protocol title (top left corner of the screen).

  • A new filter criteria in the labware catalog allows users to search items that exhibit a "tapered with filter" bottom shape (i.e.: SPE cartridges, extraction columns)

Device management

  • We have reorganised the order of displayed connected devices so as to prioritise the ones that demand attention, e.g. ones requiring a firmware update or a licence activation.

Bench preparation with Andrew+

  • A new error message helps the operator to better identify which tips are missing and how to resolve this issue.

Pairing/Device installation

  • We improved device installation verification in order to ensure that OneLab and the device are correctly paired.


đź“— OneLab library protocols

New open-source protocols are now available in the OneLab library:

Connected devices

Added: Deep well Magnet+ (518.5700) by Andrew Alliance

  • No need for centrifugation or vacuum manifolds, which can be a bottleneck in many automated processes

  • Active vertical pelleting movement guarantees consistency between small and large volume labware

  • Embedded PC enables seamless connectivity with OneLab via Wi-Fi/Ethernet, ensuring intelligent, fully remote, operation and tracking.

  • Compatible with deep well plates

  • Can be used manually, in combination with Pipette+ or directly with Andrew+ (like a Domino)

Contact Andrew Alliance for more information


  • Added: Globe Scientific, 29 mL Borosilicate Glass Culture Tube (1519)

  • Updated: Corning® 2 mL 96-square deep well V-bottom plate is now compatible with the connected device Microplate Shaker+ (Andrew Alliance)

  • Updated: Axygen® 1.1 mL 96-round deep well U-bottom plate is now compatible with the connected device Deepwell Magnet+ (Andrew Alliance)

Domino (labware holder for Andrew+)

  • Added: 29 mL Glass Culture Tube Domino (218.3731)

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