Revision 1.122.0

compatible with OneLab 1.12.1 (released 11 October 2021)

  • Various other improvements and performance enhancements.

Revision 1.121.0

compatible with OneLab 1.12.1 (released 06 September 2021)

  • An improvement has been made in synchronizing instruments and devices when multiple Devices+ are used in the same experiment. The system is more flexible, robust, reliable, and less prone to possible delays when a Device+ has to start its task.

  • Andrew+ is more robust in determining the position of the tips attached in a 10uL pipette (multi-channel/single channel), even in unforeseen environmental conditions.

  • Better networking control for Andrew+, Pipette+, and Devices+ makes the instruments able to connect to exotic corporate network configurations easily.

  • Various other improvements and performance enhancements.

Revision 1.120.0

compatible with OneLab 1.12.0 (released 26 July 2021)

  • A bug that prevents the microplate/tube grabber from being used in specific circumstances has been fixed.

  • Various other improvements and performance enhancements.

Revision 1.113.0

compatible with OneLab 1.11.3 (released 21 June 2021)

  • A misbehavior of Andrew+ during the pipette grabbing/releasing procedure has been corrected.

  • An error in estimating the geometry for a 1.2mL pipette equipped with filtered tips has been resolved.

Revision 1.112.0

compatible with OneLab 1.11.2 (released 31 May 2021)

  • To prevent false-positive detections during the tip insertion procedure with a 300uL multi-channel pipette, Andrew+ quickly checks its alignment before every tip insertion.

  • On Andrew+, the algorithm’s robustness to calculate the geometry of a multi-channel pipette equipped with tips has been enhanced.

  • “Shaker+” and “Heater-Shaker+” can both be used with profiles.

  • A typo in the mac address of the ethernet interface, stated in the pairing interface of every Device+, has been corrected.

  • The “Heater-Shaker+” - a device capable of Shaking and Heating at the same time or independently - has been integrated into the One Lab ecosystem.

  • Andrew+ is now compatible with 50-1200uL non-extended Sartorius tips.

Revision 1.110.0

compatible with OneLab 1.11.0 (released 29 March 2021)

  • 5mL and 10mL pipettes will not create automatic bottom air-cushion anymore if not required by the protocol.

  • The rhythm used to press the button of any Device+, Andrew+, and Pipette+ to enable its pairing mode has been unified.

  • When powered, the Tube-Shaker+ device raises its temperature and partially heats the consumables installed. This will not happen anymore.

  • A new vacuum pump (IKA Vacstar Control) can now be connected and used with Vacuum+, allowing an active control of the pressure via OneLab.

Revision 1.102.0

compatible with OneLab 1.10.2 (released 22 February 2021)

  • Andrew+ speed has increased dramatically thanks to a massive redesign of its routines. The system is now, on average, 30% faster than before.

  • Misbehaviors in the kinematic of Andrew+ arm have been resolved in order to improve the quality of the movements and their reproducibility.

  • A bug that prevents the system from being able to recover itself on Devices+ in case of failure has been fixed.

Revision 1.101.0

compatible with OneLab 1.10.1 (released 21 December 2020)

  • On some WiFis, the presence of some special characters in the password (like '&' or '#') was the reason behind a failure of the pairing procedure. The problem has been corrected.

Revision 1.100.0

compatible with OneLab 1.10.0 (released 30 November 2020)

  • The pairing process of Andrew+, Pipette+, and Devices+ has been improved and the "pairing over ethernet" is now faster and more reliable. Some minor misbehaviors have been fixed on the "pairing over wifi" procedure.

  • The erratic behavior of Andrew Alliance's pipettes in handling low volumes using repetitive and reverse mode has been corrected.

  • Redundant actions have been removed during the execution of a protocol, resulting in an improvement of the overall execution time for some scenarios where Andrew+ and Device(s)+ interact.

  • A smarter evaluation algorithm has been integrated to simulate the different pipetting actions of a protocol and to override if required, some of the decisions made by the user to protect pipettes and to minimize the dead volume.

  • Audit logfiles reports were not compressed during the finalization of the experiment if the experiment name contained a Unicode character. This will not happen anymore.

  • Various other improvements and performance enhancements.

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