After 3 months of design, specification, implementation and qualification, we are proud to deliver this new version of OneLab! We wanted to thank our customers and colleagues from Waters™ for their invaluable feedback.

Change of OneLab major release rhythm

Enhancing the capabilities of OneLab is essential for both our customers and ourselves, so we will strive to keep delivering minor version updates with improvements, bug fixes and new content.

In the meantime, we have taken full account of the burden and investment in time required by a comprehensive validation required of a major update to the software. So from now on, OneLab will receive a major release every 3 months.

OneLab now presents all the features required for regulatory compliance!

Helping our customers seamlessly transfer their sample preparation methods from discovery to development is the core of the Andrew Alliance value proposition.

By implementing some key features and improvements, now OneLab enables you to fulfil all requirements of GxP in regulated environments.

The software now supports compliance with both FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11.

These solutions are designed to keep OneLab as flexible and easy to use as possible while respecting all the regulatory requirements.

All the features are available for every users and lab workspace.

We believe that R&D teams will benefit from greater control and collaboration, as smoothing and speeding up the method transfer to development phases by using the same validated informatics solution.

Discover now the main compliance features!

Collaboration and version control of protocols

Designing and validating a protocol is a tedious exercise, requiring documentation and recording of each version.

That's why the new versioning panel presented in the designer will allow you to:

  • Lock a protocol to a certain version to block further editing

  • Access high-level information about each protocol versions

  • Publish comments to document your work and help collaborate with your fellow colleagues

  • View older version content and eventually restore them

🔒 Lock protocol to restrict editing

Locking and unlocking a protocol will be available in the protocol designer header next to version number (top left of the screen).

After having entered the reason for your action, you can then optionally e-sign with your credentials, thus locking the protocol in its current version.

To edit this protocol again, you will need to unlock it. This will create a new version on which you can freely make your modifications.

For more information about this feature, see the "Lock a protocol to restrict editing" article.

💬 Add comments to document modification of a protocol

The protocol versioning panel, which contains information about your protocol’s versions such as its version number, comments, experiments indicator and related activities is directly accessible in your protocol designer.

As demonstrated below, you will be able to document your work by adding a comment.

These comments will then be visible for every users with "Expert user" or "Lab admin" role.

Learn how to Comment your protocol changes and browse history.

Check and revert to a specific version...

Or make a copy of the previous protocol editing state

In addition to being able to navigate the protocol history, the panel allows you access to 3 actions:

  • View version

  • Restore a version

  • Make a copy

Learn how to View, restore or make a copy of a protocol version.

Once your experiment is completed, e-sign it...

Eventually your peers can review it.

Important: For now on, after completing an experiment, connected devices will be available (“Ready” status) automatically without the need of releasing the report.

Releasing the experiment report will record all the sample metadata, allowing you access to sample info export feature and enabling you to find this report in the corresponding lab project.

OneLab will ask you to provide a reason why you wish to release this report and optionally e-sign this report.

If the experiment is released and signed, one of your fellow colleagues will be able to review the report.

OneLab will require a reason together with your credentials to e-sign the review.

In any case, the experiment will contains all the information linked to these actions:

View related article: Release, e-Sign and peer-review an experiment report.

Lab and platform audit trail

OneLab now allows authorized users access to complete audit trails via 2 dedicated user interface (one for Lab content and an other for Administration/System tasks ; the last one are only available for Enterprise deployment).

Learn about about OneLab audit trail: Access to lab and platform Audit trails.

📗 New applications from Waters™: General sample prep methods

We are pleased to release 3 protocols specially designed for sample preparation, that significantly reduce laborious error-prone liquid handling steps, whilst improving the consistency and throughput of these widely used methods:

Careful attention has been given to the design and validation of these protocols intended for use with either our Andrew+ pipetting robot or Pipette+ smart pipetting system or even manually with your own tools and devices.

Learn more about the general sample preparation protocols and start to use it right away!


Role and permissions

  • Users with a "Lab admin" role will now acts as an Archivist. They will be able to archive, view and unarchive lab content.

  • "Lab member" role has been renamed to "Expert user".

Protocol designer

  • Users can require that the bottom of the labware, not be touched, during a pipetting.

This pipetting action option is useful when dealing with fragile cellular samples.

  • We have vastly improved the read-only viewing of a protocol (edition disabled). As of now, users with either an"Operator" role or someone accessing a locked protocol, will be able to view all actions detail and settings.

User connection

  • You will now be notified 1 minute before your session expires of the option prolong your work. Subsequently, OneLab will log you out and ask to re-enter your credentials.


📗 OneLab library protocols

In addition to the 3 general sample prep methods provided by Waters (see above), most of our quick start open-source protocols have been comprehensively reviewed. The improvements we have made include:

  • Refined protocol featured image

  • Refined overview multimedia content

  • Update protocol descriptions and titles

Find the updated protocols in the OneLab library

Connected devices

  • Updated: ACC, Pyroclear® Pyroplate® 96-well microplate (CA961-50) is compatible with Microplate Shaker+ (518.4000) by Andrew Alliance

  • Updated: ACC, Pyrotube® 16x90mm depyrogenated glass tube is compatible with Tube Shaker+ (518.4100) by Andrew Alliance

  • Updated: MultiScreen®HTS HV clear 96-well filter plate, 0.45 µm pore size (MSHVS4510) is compatible with Microplate Vacuum+ (518.6000) by Andrew Alliance


  • Added: ACC, Pyroclear® Pyroplate® 96-well microplate (CA961-50)

  • Added: ACC, Pyrotube® 16x90mm depyrogenated glass tube (TB16C)

  • Added: VWR® 5 mL snap-cap centrifuge tube (10002-728)

  • Added: MultiScreen®HTS HV clear 96-well filter plate, 0.45 µm pore size (MSHVS4510)

  • Added: Waters 350 µL 96-round well collection plate (186002643)

  • Added: Strata®-X PRO 96-well microelution plate, 2 mg sorbent/well (8M-S536-4GA)

  • Added: MACHEREY-NAGEL, 300 µL N 9 PP inner cone screw neck vial (702009)

  • Added: MACHEREY-NAGEL, 1.5 mL N 9 amber glass screw neck vial (702293)

  • Added: MACHEREY-NAGEL, 250 µL clear glass conical micro-insert (702716)

  • Updated: Axygen® 12-well reservoir, 12-channel trough (RES-MW12-HP)

  • Updated: Corning® 96-well U-bottom microplate (3788)

  • Updated: INTEGRA 10 mL multichannel reservoir (4332)

  • Updated: 1ml Collection plate Waters (186002481) and Waters QuanRecovery™ 700 µl 96-well plate are now compatible with Microplate Gripper by Andrew Alliance

Domino (labware holder for Andrew+)

  • Added: 5mL microtube domino (218.4031)

  • Updated: VWR® 5 mL snap-cap centrifuge tube is compatible with 5mL microtube domino (218.4031)

  • Updated: ACC, Pyroclear® Pyroplate® 96-well microplate (CA961-50) is compatible Microplate Domino (218.2002)

  • Updated: ACC, Pyrotube® 16x90mm depyrogenated glass tube is compatible with Ø16×90mm Glass Tube Domino 218.2781)

This version of OneLab requires a firmware update for all connected devices. You may find the firmware release notes here.

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