Whether it is to minimize the dead volume of a consumable (Tilted Domino) or to keep the liquid in your labware below 4°C (Passive Cooled Domino), the Andrew+ pipetting robot enables the use of a specific consumable holder to meet these goals.

Refer to this article to check the Domino/Labware compatibility.

How to configure the protocol to request a Tilted Domino or Passive Cooled Domino?

  1. In the Protocol design, select the consumable in the virtual bench

  2. Go to the Labware info tab

  3. Write the following script in lowercase letters in the Comment section

    1. "tilted" for a Tilted Domino

    2. or "cooled" for a Passive Cooled Domino

When you will execute this protocol with Andrew+, OneLab will compute this information and will request either a Tilted Domino or a Passive Cooled Domino for this particular labware.

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