Note: The goal of this article is to provide basic information about how to set a template file. If you require additional details, please contact your Waters/MassLynx representative.

A MassLynx template file must contains all the parameters required in the correct format to be successfully imported into MassLynx.

How to do it

a. Download an example template that you can edit (using Excel for example): onelab-samples-masslynx-template.csv

b. Update the columns to fit your needs:

Here is the list of columns present in the template file as an example that you have to edit. The ✅ pointed the columns and cells that are important for data processing by OneLab.

As a minimum, the created method specific template file requires the INDEX, FILE_NAME, ID and SAMPLE_LOCATION columns for a successful import into MassLynx, however, any field that is present in a MassLynx sample list can be added to the template and imported as required.

Column in CSV file


Edits to do


Incremented sample number

This column can be empty, OneLab will regenerate the sequence of number


MassLynx unique sample identifier

OneLab will retrieve the MassLynx MethodName that you want to use and add a date-time as prefix and an increment on 3 digits as suffix


ID of the sample

This column needs to be empty


Sample ID inputted by user (if required)

OneLab will retrieve the data from this column


MS method to be used in sample run

OneLab will retrieve the data from this column


LC Inlet method to be used in sample run

OneLab will retrieve the data from this column


Position of plate in the Autosampler Bed Layout AND sample in 96-well collection plate

OneLab will retrieve the Bed position (Number before the ":") and will fill the sample location with the right position number (from 01 to 96)
So please give the bed position number: e.g. " 03:00"


Volume of sample to be injected on UPLC/MS/MS system.

OneLab will retrieve the data from this column


Sample type for data processing

OneLab will retrieve the data from this column


Concentration of sample A

OneLab will retrieve the data from this column


Concentration of sample B

OneLab will retrieve the data from this column

Note 1: The number of rows contained in the MassLynx template file will be cropped to fit the current number of samples that was process in this samples prep run. So OneLab require a number of lines that will be equal or greater than the typical amount of samples processed on each run.

Note 2: Additional column contained in the template file will be retrieve by OneLab and added in the export file.

Note 2: Any field within a MassLynx sample list can be included in the template file. The heading shown in brackets and capital letters should be used as the column header within the template file e.g. to add the column Conc C and Conc D, CONC_C and CONC_D should be the column headers within the template file as shown below.

c. Save your file as CSV file and use this template after every sample preparation- for the specific method. Multiple template files can be created for different methods as required, with the correct template being selected when Exporting samples info for MassLynx in OneLab.

Learn how to use this template to export a MassLynx worksheet from OneLab.

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