Samples info export dedicated to MassLynx™

Improve your laboratory workflow by creating a sample list ready for MassLynx directly from your OneLab interface.

OneLab will just require a worksheet template file with all the settings such as LC/MS method settings required by MassLynx. Then OneLab will automatically fill the gaps with the sample information available such as ID/barcodes of samples or sample location in a plate.

For more information about this feature, read the "Export sample info for MassLynx" article.

📗 New applications from Genovis™: Automated mAb Subunit Generation

Check out the NEW “Automated mAb Subunit Generation” application developed by Genovis through a collaboration with Waters Corporation to demonstrate the ability of Andrew+ to efficiently automate the sample prep workflow for antibody subunit analysis using Genovis innovative SmartEnzymes™ for the characterization and QC of biological drugs such as mAbs and ADCs by LC-MS.
Andrew Alliance automation solutions and Waters scientific and analytical expertise have joined forces to forge and foster a collaborative and open partnership to help develop and deliver cost-effective and reliable cutting-edge applications for large scale roll-out within the scientific community.

Learn more about the Automated mAb Subunit Generation Protocol and start to use it right away!

Using the correct experiment protocol is critical to reducing error. It is for this reason that Andrew Alliance created the OneLab Library. Freely accessible, partners and researchers can easily publish and share their protocols, whose clear step-by-step guidance, and embedded media making for a truly seamless user experience. The protocols are adapted and validated for use on Andrew Alliance automation solutions, ensuring that users can hit the ground running when automating their workflows.

If you are ready to publish your protocol, please contact us


Global user experience

  • Text fields behavior in the software has been improved for a better user experience.

Protocol designer

  • While adding a sample reference into your labware, the sample's concentration unit you selected will become the default unit for others created samples.

  • New concentration unit for your solutions has been added as follow:

    • Ppm (This stand for part per million)

    • Ppb (This stand for part per billion)

    • Copies/mL

    • Copies/µL

    • Copies/nL

    • Copies/pL

    • Cells/mL

    • Cells/µL

    • Units/mL

    • Units/µL

    Learn more about the full list of concentration unit in this article

Device management

  • You can now visualize if your connected device is either connected via WiFi (wireless) or via ethernet (with wire).

Experiment preparation & run

  • Current temperature of your connected devices - including the Peltier+ and the brand new Heater-Shaker+ - will now be displayed in the user interface during the preparation and execution of your experiment.

Protocol library

  • Search bar in the protocol library - You can search for a specific kit or application in the OneLab library

Bug fixes

Protocol Designer

  • The weird behavior of few parameters in the concentration normalization action has been fixed.


📗 OneLab library protocols

New open-source protocols are now available in the OneLab library.

And additionally, some of our quick start open-source protocols have been comprehensively reviewed.


  • Added: Matrix™ 0.75 mL blank storage tube in 96x rack (4272)

  • Added: Matrix™ 1.4 mL alphanumeric storage tube in 96x rack (4251)

  • Added: ArcticWhite, 400 µL 96-well filter plate, hydrophilic PVDF, 0.45 µm (AWFP-F20011)

  • Added: Falcon® 6-well cell culture plate, vertical wells (353224)

Domino (labware holder for Andrew+)

  • Updated: Matrix™ 0.75 mL blank storage tube in 96x rack (4272), Matrix™ 1.4 mL alphanumeric storage tube in 96x rack (4251) are compatible with Storage plate Domino (218.2901)

  • Updated: ArcticWhite, 400 µL 96-well filter plate, hydrophilic PVDF, 0.45 µm (AWFP-F20011) is compatible with Microplate Vacuum+ (518.6000)

  • Updated: Falcon® 6-well cell culture plate, vertical wells (353224) is compatible with Low-Frame Microplate Domino (218.3121)

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