One of the first things to do as a platform admin is to add users to your OneLab platform. Users will be able to work in one or several labs.

How to do it?

  1. On the Users page, click on the “Add new user” button. This will open a form to fill.

    Note: You can also access it via the Dashboard.

  2. Enter the user login information (name, work email, and password) which will be used to log into her/his OneLab account.

  3. Assign the user to an existing lab. If you had not created a specific lab yet, the user will start by default in a personal lab, automatically generated by OneLab with full rights & permissions to access it.

    To learn how to create a lab for users, please read the article Create a new lab on the platform.

    Note: You can add a user to multiple labs at once. The user will have the possibility to easily switch between them.

  4. Assign the user a role within the lab. Select among the three following options:

    • The Operator is meant to execute protocols;

    • The Expert User has more privileges and can design protocols;

    • The Lab Admin has overall access to all administrative functions.

    For more information about the different roles: Permission management system

  5. Validate by clicking on the "Add new user" button at the bottom of the form.

👤 The NEW user is now added to the platform. You only need to transfer the credentials to the user.

Note: Optionally, you can assign the user the platform admin role via the following switch enabling him/her to access all administrative functions within the platform.

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