On the Users page, you can view all registered users on your OneLab platform.

You can also find the button allowing you to create a new user on the platform.

The Users list includes:

  • The user full name

  • The user email address

  • An indication if the user has the Platform admin role

  • Last login date or if the user is currently connected

  • The number of connected labs to which the user is assigned to

  • The account status: Active or Disabled

Note: A filter is available to display: All, Active users, Disabled users, Users with no lab, Currently connected users, or Users who are in pending registration.

👤 Click a user name in the list to display the user account information page.

What is included in the User account information page?

  • Disable or enable user: When disabling a user account, the user's experiments currently in progress will be canceled and the user's current session will be terminated.

  • Edit user information (full name & email).

  • Reset user picture to the default monogram.

  • Define a new password or reset the password. By resetting the password, the user will be forced to define a new password at the next first login attempt.

  • Assign the Platform admin role to a user

  • Add a user to a new lab, update the user's role in a lab, or unassign a user from a lab (for more information about role permissions in OneLab, please read the article “Permission management system”).

  • Force the user to log out: This action will terminate the user's current session.

  • View detailed logs: This feature provides a view of all logs recorded for a user, for instance when the user has logged in/out and when an account password reset has been requested.

Most of the above actions are accessible directly from the users' list by clicking on the 3 dots menu on the right hand side of the screen.

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