The platform admin can create several labs, in which multiple users collaborate together, each with specific role permission.

How to proceed?

  1. On the Labs page, click on the “Create new lab” button. This will open a form to fill out.

    Note: You can also access it via the Dashboard.

  2. Enter lab information (Lab name, company, or division name)

  3. Designate a user as a Lab admin. The Lab admin has full access rights to all administrative functions and can invite users to join the lab. For more information on this specific role, check out the article Permission management system.

  4. Validate by clicking the "Create new lab" button at the end of the form.

✔️ The lab is now accessible by the Lab admin, who can invite people to join this lab (if the platform configuration allows it).

To assign members to the newly created lab following, please follow the instructions described in Manage labs of the platform.

If you didn't add users to your OneLab platform yet, please refer to the following article: Create a new user on the platform.

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