On the Labs page, you have access to all connected labs of your OneLab platform. You can also find the "Create new lab" button allowing you to create a new lab on your platform.

The Labs list displays:

  • The lab name

  • The number of lab members

  • Number of connected devices installed in the lab

  • The Company/Division name

  • Date of the last update

  • The creation date

Note: You can filter the list to display: All, Archived, Not archived, or Labs that do not have any content.

✏️ Click a lab name in the list to open the lab information page.

On the Lab information page you can:

  • Archive or unarchive a Lab: To archive a lab, ongoing experiments in the lab need to be completed or aborted.

  • Edit Lab information (Lab name, Company, or Division name): Click the "Update" button to save your edits.

  • Assign a user to the lab and update his/her role. (for more information about roles and permissions, check out the article “Permission management system”)

  • Unassign a user from the lab by clicking on the (X) mark corresponding to this specific user in the lab members list.

Most of the above-mentioned tasks are accessible directly from the lab list by clicking on the 3 dots menu on the right-hand side of the screen.

Note: You have the possibility to delete an empty lab (not containing any projects or devices) from this menu. This is particularly useful to remove a lab, that was erroneously created, from the list.

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