The Andrew Alliance R&D team is constantly improving the OneLab functionalities and capabilities as well as the internal software of connected devices through regular update releases.

OneLab update versions often include a firmware update for all connected devices (Check out firmware update release notes).

As a platform administrator, you have the possibility to publish a new firmware as appropriate, based on your requirements.

How to proceed?

  1. On the Device firmware page, click the “Upload new firmware...” button.

  2. Browse the location that contains the device firmware file stored on your computer. To upload new a firmware, the file name must respect the following convention: "apos-X.Y.Z.EXTRA.DATE_OS.deb". (e.g. "apos-1.70.0.CANDIDATE1.210316_armv7l.deb").

Note: You can upload either a firmware for x86_64 or for Armv7l systems. This will be automatically detected based on the file name you selected.

✔️ Finally, lab users will have to update the firmware of their connected devices.

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