Control that security policies for user authentification and session management fit your cybersecurity standards.

The Security page comprises:

  • Password policy: Encourage users to define and employ stronger and safer passwords;

  • Password expiration delay: Once reached, a password change will be requested from the user;

  • Period of inactivity: after which inactive users will be logged out;

  • Login lockdown, after each failed login attempt;

  • Maximum login attempts, before the user has to wait for the end of the account lockout duration;

  • Account lockout duration, amount of time before the user can re-enter credentials;

  • Captcha to protect user connection system against spam or abuse;

  • Keep me logged in option, if checked, the user won't have to enter credentials again to log in next time and until session token has expired.

How to edit the security policy settings?

Each of the above security options has a default value and to edit any of them, please refer to the technical documentation.

Note: OneLab needs a platform restart for the new setting to take effect.

Contact the Andrew Alliance support directly via the 💬 Intercom chat or on the following email for further information.

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