The OneLab account is set to display its own logo by default, but you can configure it to use any other suitable image such as the logo of your company.

How to replace the platform logo?

  1. Image file specifications: Select an image satisfying the following requirements to ensure the image is properly uploaded and displays well on OneLab:

    • File type: .png format

    • File size: 2 MB limit

    • Image dimensions: Height of 128 pixels and width of 128 - 256 pixels

  2. On the Custom platform logo page, click the "Choose image" button

  3. Select the correct .png image saved on your computer.

✔️ Once uploaded, the new logo will be displayed everywhere on your platform including the experiment report.


1 - Click on the button below to download a template image. This image has the recommended size and can be used to adjust or edit your custom logo.

2 - You can reset the default OneLab logo by clicking the "Reset to OneLab logo" button.

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