What information do you have access to on the license page?

  • The platform license information

    • License owner name, start date, expiration date.

  • License usage

    • Current number of users out of total number allowed on the platform;

    • Current number of connected devices out of total number allowed on the platform;

  • Optionally, a list of modules that can be triggered by your license.

Note: When your license has reached the maximum number of users and connected devices allowed on the platform OR when the license expiration date is coming up soon, a license update is required.

How to activate or update the platform license?

  1. To obtain a new operational license, please contact the Andrew Alliance support directly via the Intercom chat 💬 or using the following email aa_support@waters.com, and provide them with the license number you have.

  2. On the license page, click the "Upload new license" button.

  3. Browse to the location where the .onl license file provided by the Andrew Alliance support is saved.

✔️ The platform license is now updated with the corresponding license information.

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