In the Enterprise deployment, if you have a Platform Admin role, you will have access to the Platform administration and be able to conduct administrative tasks to manage the entire platform.

You can access the platform administration interface by clicking on your monogram/picture in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then on "Platform administration".

You will find yourself listed on the Platform admin dashboard.

Besides allowing you to access all admin pages using the side menu, the platform dashboard also allows you to:

  • Access some action shortcuts: Add a user, Add a lab, Access the Andrew Alliance Help center, Contact Andrew Alliance by mail.

  • Have a glance at the platform usage

    • Note that you can export the usage data by clicking on the Usage data export button; Select the date range for data export and then click on Download data (.xlsx). You will generate an Excel file that contains detailed information about the platform usage (users, labs, protocols, devices, experiments).

  • See the actual version of OneLab installed and links to the OneLab release notes and to retrieve the System log file.

Step 1: Configure your OneLab platform

Activate the OneLab platform license, then check the security policy configuration of your platform.

Potentially, customize the platform logo with your corporate branding.

Step 2: Create users

Next, add users to your platform.

Users with a lab admin role in the lab workspaces will be able to invite their lab members via the lab interface.

Step 3: Create lab workspaces and assign users

You can create lab workspaces for users and select a lab administrator for each one of them.
As mentioned previously, let the lab admin invite the lab members or assign users to labs.

Step 4: Monitor

Access the platform admin dashboard to monitor the progression of the platform usage and optionally, retrieve a usage data export file for your internal reporting.

View platform audit trail that contains audit trails of system-wide changes including administrative tasks.


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