To use a given consumable with Andrew+, a compatible labware holder, known as "Domino", is required, enabling Andrew+ to pipette to/from that consumable on the working deck.

📖 OneLab Labware and Domino catalogs

For an exhaustive list of Dominos and Connected devices, and their compatibility with consumables, please refer to our OneLab catalogs:

NOTE: If the consumable you need for your protocol is listed in the online labware catalog but not yet compatible with Andrew+ or any of the connected devices, please contact us through Intercom. We will be more than happy to assist you with your request.

📝 Design an automatable (or semi-automatable) protocol

To pave the way for optimal automation or semi-automation of your workflow, Dominos and connected devices are key considerations to keep in mind when designing your protocol in OneLab.

You should start by selecting and using consumables that are compatible with Andrew+ and/or any of the devices that work with OneLab, thereby facilitating the implementation of the automated solution.

For this, you can use the "Device compatibility" filter in the OneLab labware catalog to find and choose the right consumable.

How to do it?

  • Using the "Device compatibility" filter in the labware catalog, you can select one or multiple values to filter consumables based on their compatibility with devices in particular Andrew+ and connected devices that work with OneLab.

  • You can narrow down the selection and look ONLY for consumables that show compatibility with installed labware holders, i.e, Dominos, and devices (e.g. Andrew+ and/or connected Device+) paired to your OneLab account.

This filter will ensure that you are using the adequate consumables supported by the equipment (devices and Dominos) registered and available in your lab, thereby resulting in a ready-to-execute protocol.

On the labware detail page, you will see appearing the connected devices and labware holders that are compatible for use with the selected consumable. A short message in green will indicate which ones are available in your OneLab laboratory.

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