The passive Cooled Domino uses refrigerant eutectic gel-based cartridge which provides a thermal preservation solution for liquid samples.

Depending on the used consumable, the Domino can keep the liquid below 4°C (+/-1°C) during a period lasting up to 3 hours at a room temperature of 22°C.

Getting Started

  • Remove the baseplate of the Domino and extract the cooling cartridge.

  • Place the cartridge in a freezer at -18°C for a minimum of 8 hours.

  • Retrieve the cartridge from the freezer, place it back in the Domino and close the baseplate using the mechanical guide.

  • Let the Domino thermalize around 5 minutes at Room Temperature.

How to use a Cooled Domino in OneLab

This article explains how to use a Cooled Domino in OneLab.

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