The positioning of Domino/Device on the Andrew+ deck follows the order illustrated in the image below, starting at the base of the Andrew+ and then moving outwardly to form 3 parallel rows, for a total of 11 positions

OneLab fills up every position and arranges Dominos/Devices in the way that every single item has at least one side magnetically connected to the other.

  • OneLab first assigns the TIS Dominos (tip insertion system), then the 5mL and 10mL tip holder Dominos, generally located to the base of the Andrew+.

  • Secondly, Dominos and Devices are arrayed in ascending order from the left to right according to the width of labware cavities and wells, from the smaller to the larger, except for some specific Dominos and Devices such as Extraction+.

Consumables placed in a Domino are arranged by alphanumeric order based on their names in the protocol and following the numbering of slot locations in the Domino.

When there are two or more Dominos of the same type, consumables are distributed across the Dominos following the same alphanumeric order.

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